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The Times 2021 Employee Experience Report

During the pandemic the deskless workforce kept society running. Now, they have a clearer view of what they want — and deserve — from their employers.

WorkForce Software’s Senior Vice President of Employee Experience Strategy, Marc Gingras, is featured in The Times’ 2021 Employee Experience Report, highlighting the important balance between corporate and employee needs, as well as ways for every employee to be a brand advocate.

Gingras explains the current employee engagement paradigm using the terms ‘Yin and Yang,’ to demonstrate that:

  • In pre-pandemic times, only corporate needs were served — in the form of driving profits, operational efficiencies, and rostering resources
  • Now, employee needs are moving to the forefront — having a voice, feeling heard, giving feedback, and exercising flexibility

Companies that manage to find this balance between corporate and employee needs are outperforming more traditional companies that remain structured from the top down.

The Times 2021 Employee Experience Report
The next frontier of workforce management requires employers to better personalise communication. Gingras notes that companies often look to digitise their communication strategies from a one-size-fits all perspective; but this approach will only create feedback loops.
In order to meet the demands of what each employee group wants and needs, organisations should digitise the communication process with a modern workforce management solution that uses AI. Only then can tech be a champion of personalisation, used to scale an individual’s micro-moments into the company-wide culture — making moments matter, wherever work happens.
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