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6 Essential Considerations When Choosing the Right Workforce Management Solution

Feb 27, 2024

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Are you facing what feels like the daunting task of selecting a new workforce management solution that not only meets your immediate needs but also aligns with the long-term objectives of your organisation? As economic uncertainty persists and technology continues to advance and reshape the way people work—especially deskless shift workers— choosing the right workforce management solution becomes increasingly important for your organisation’s success. If you’re part of a buying team tasked with making this decision, optimising labour investment, enhancing operational efficiency and prioritising employee experience are likely top of mind for you.  

The Essential Guide to Selecting Workforce Management Software is especially helpful if you must choose a new workforce management solution due to legacy application sunset or evolving needs for agility. It has been designed to help you prioritise your workforce management requirements, understand the implications of implementing a new solution and select a cloud-based modern workforce management solution aligned with your current and future needs. 

Here are highlights from the guide: 

Understanding Evolving Workforce Management Needs: The past decade has led to profound changes in workforce management, catalysed by events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing importance of frontline workers. It’s highly likely that your workforce management requirements have evolved significantly in just the last two years, driven by factors such as regulatory changes, shifting employee expectations and the rise of digital transformation. It’s important that you assess how your organisation’s needs have evolved in response to these changes and identify the key areas where improvement is needed. 

Is It Time to Change Your Workforce Management Software? While it can be challenging to know the right time to make a change, there are clear signs that can prompt the search for a better option. For example, your workforce management vendor is discontinuing its solution and stops supporting you. Or, it has been a long time since you bought your current workforce management solution. Even though it met your needs when you selected it, your requirements have changed. Lastly, your company may have outgrown your current system. In the early years, you could get by with manual processes and static homegrown applications, but those options no longer scale or enable operational agility. No matter your situation, your decision-making team must assess whether your current solution adequately meets your organisation’s requirements or if it’s time to explore alternative options.  

Understanding the Difference Between HCM Suites vs. Best-of-Breed Workforce Management Technology: While Human Capital Management suites may include basic workforce management features, they often fall short of meeting advanced organisational needs. Best-of-breed systems deliver scalable, secure and consumer-grade time and task management, rostering and employee communication capabilities that operate in the flow of work. They maximise labour investments, yielding superior ROI by enhancing productivity, reducing payroll leakage and maintaining employee engagement. They integrate seamlessly with HCM suites, delivering optimal cost management and a high-performing workforce. 

What to Look for in a Modern Workforce Management Solution: Modern workforce management solutions offer a wide range of capabilities. Carefully evaluate these features and prioritise those that align with your organisation’s unique needs and objectives: 

  • Labour Optimisation 
  • Increased Operational Efficiency and Productivity 
  • Compliance Management 
  • Digitised Communications 
  • Proactive, Data-based Decision Making 
  • Peer-to-peer Communications 
  • Secure Data and Privacy Protection 

Choosing the Right Technology Partner: Choosing a workforce management solution involves more than choosing software. It also requires finding the right vendor, one who will be a trusted partner, deliver real business value and offer tailored guidance and support. A good vendor will work with you to optimise your workforce management operations, maximise efficiency and drive overall business success. Consider factors such as vendor reputation, industry expertise and customer support capabilities when evaluating potential partners. 

Resources for Evaluating Vendors and Solutions: Choosing the right workforce management solution requires thorough research and evaluation of potential vendors and solutions. Decision-makers can leverage resources such as RFP templates, industry reports and systems integrator networks to streamline the evaluation process and make informed decisions. 

Special Feature: Download Your Vendor Evaluation Checklists Here!

Renowned as the #1 most trusted workforce management vendor, WorkForce Software stands out as an excellent choice for organisations with large deskless worker populations who are seeking a comprehensive workforce management solution. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, WorkForce Software offers enterprise-grade solutions that can adapt to your unique pay rules, labour regulations and rostering requirements. The WorkForce Suite leverages advanced analytics, automation, and integrated employee communications to create personalised experiences and foster agility in the flow of work. Backed by a culture of service and a focus on customer success, WorkForce Software can help you unlock new potential for resiliency and performance while effectively managing your workforce. 

Selecting the right workforce management solution is a critical decision that requires careful consideration and thorough evaluation. Your decision team must understand your organisation’s evolving needs, assess the implications of implementing a new solution and choose the right technology partner to ensure success. By following the guidance outlined in this comprehensive guide, you will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of choosing a workforce management solution and position your organisation for future growth and success 

Make the best choice for your organisation with The Essential Guide to Selecting Workforce Management Software. 

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