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HR Compliance Navigator Report

Q1 2022 for Australia

Over the past few years, the unforeseen challenges of a global pandemic and the growing voice of employees have called for organisations to adapt quickly within an evolving landscape of workplace legislation. With the lasting effects of these events still unknown, HR departments must anchor their organisation’s current and future needs by ensuring compliance with new and developing legislation.

Conducting a scheduled HR compliance audit is an organisation’s first defense in avoiding costly fines, back-payment bills, adverse publicity, litigation, reduced staff performance and employee turnover.

Q1 2022 HR Compliance Navigator Report

Developed in partnership with FCB Workplace Law, this report provides a look at the latest in workplace legislation, case law and best practices in Australia.

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Staying up to date with workplace legislation, case law and best practices plays a key role in overall business strategy. In partnership with FCB Workplace Law, the Q1 2022 HR Compliance Navigator Report details recent legislative changes and major case law developments that organisations should know when navigating the modern workforce, including:

  • Fair Work Ombudsman
  • Modern awards and pay rules
  • Employee entitlements
  • Productive and safe work environments

With employee experience top of mind for employers, an organisation’s compliance with current laws and standards communicates its commitment to fair HR practices and positive company culture to existing and potential employees. While protecting brand and workplace reputation, a successful compliance check is an investment in employee well-being, giving organisations a competitive edge in recruiting, retaining and developing high performing workers.

Developed for HR professionals, the Q1 2022 HR Compliance Navigator Report equips organisations with the latest insights and developments they need to ensure compliance while improving employee experience and minimizing risk.