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HR Compliance Navigator Report

Q3 2021 for Australia

Updates on Relevant Australian Employment and Workplace Legislative Changes and Major Case Law Developments

HR compliance plays a significant part in ensuring that a company is fair in its HR practices. In an increasingly complex and regulated workplace, a lack of HR compliance exposes the business to risks of fines, hefty back-payment bills, adverse publicity, litigation in court, reduced staff performance and employee turnover. Under section 550 of the Fair Work Act, key advisers such as HR managers and payroll professionals risk personal prosecution for accessorial liability if their employer breaches Australian workplace laws.
Therefore, it’s critical to stay up to date with changing compliance standards in the workplace. The HR Compliance Navigator Report for Q3 2021 will take you through the newest employment workplace legislative changes and major law developments you should be aware of. With the expertise of FCB Workplace Law, Australia’s leading workplace relations law firm, the report aims to equip you with information about potential HR compliance gaps your organisation could face resulting from these new changes or developments.
Updates include:

  • Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Casual employment conversions
  • Award wage increases
  • Fair Work Ombudsman 2021–2022 strategic priorities

Download the HR Compliance Navigator Report for Q3 2021 to assist with your scheduled HR compliance audits and help avoid any legal and financial liabilities whilst delivering a positive employee experience and protecting your organisation’s brand and workplace reputation.

The information in this report is general and is related to the field of employment and workplace laws in Australia. It does not constitute HR or legal advice. Always seek professional legal advice on matters specific to your unique HR compliance needs.