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WorkForce Software Earns Top Spot in Info-Tech’s 2022 SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint Report: Workforce Management – Enterprise

4 Years in a Row: WorkForce Software Recognised as No. 1 Workforce Management Solution Provider for Innovation, Integrity and Reliability

WorkForce Software has again been named the top-ranking Champion in the Workforce Management Emotional Footprint Report for the enterprise market by SoftwareReviews, a division of IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group.

Capping a four-year run of winning the Emotional Footprint Gold Medal in the WFM Awards category, this No. 1 ranking highlights WorkForce Software’s achievements in delivering high quality solutions and an excellent user experience to our global customers. This report is based on data from 100% verified-user reviews, providing a transparent analysis of customer satisfaction.

SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint Report: Workforce Management – Enterprise

This report aggregates real user ratings on workforce management solution providers for customer satisfaction and product performance.

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WorkForce Software received the top-level Champion ranking for being “caring” and having “integrity.” The WorkForce Suite employee experience (EX) platform is ranked highest for its ability to “enable productivity” and for being the most “reliable” and “performance enhancing” workforce management product on the enterprise market.

“Being the leader in the Workforce Management Emotional Footprint report demonstrates that the quality of our solutions and commitment to our customers resonates with them. We care deeply about our customers’ success, from the first interactions with our sales team, to the ongoing responses from our support and customer success groups. Our personal approach to business and our best-in-breed solutions have proven time and again to achieve the greatest results in the market.”

Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software


At WorkForce Software we know that the digital transformation steps being taken by today’s enterprise organisations are not easy. To be successful, technology buyers need a partner they can trust. An essential step in today’s enterprise buying process is looking beyond the feature function of multiple solutions to identify which solution providers demonstrate a commitment to supporting them for the long term, putting their needs first with an unwavering commitment to their success. We are that partner.

Our software user customers ranked us No. 1 in 22 of 25 important capabilities
categories, and there is no better endorsement than that.

Info-Tech’s Emotional Footprint provides buyers with an essential tool for evaluating vendors in several key areas that correlate directly with their expected future success and value realisation. Here are five foundational factors for long-term success any buyer of workforce management technology should consider:

The 5 Pillars of Long-Term Customer Success

Service Experience

How does each vendor treat you before and after purchase?

Negotiation and Contract

Which vendors negotiate professionally and in good faith?

Conflict Resolution

How much do you trust each vendor to resolve issues in a fair and respectful way?

Product Impact

Which vendors will help propel your organisation forward versus hold you back?

Strategy and Innovation

Which vendors are committed to and partner with you for WFM innovation?


The Net Emotional Footprint (NEF) is a result of aggregated emotional response ratings across the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, strategy and innovation. The NEF is a powerful indicator of overall user sentiment toward the provider and its product from the software user’s point of view. WorkForce Software achieved the highest NEF rating of any vendor, scoring +85 NEF.

Read Info-Tech’s 2022 SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint Report: Workforce Management – Enterprise and see why our customers rank WorkForce Software as the best solution provider for superior customer satisfaction and product performance year after year.