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The Australian Employment & Workplace Legislative Landscape: Changes You Need to Know 

What a year it’s been in the world of HR and employment law in Australia! We have seen some significant changes around inflation, pay, award entitlements and ways of dealing with staff shortages. As companies kick started and reviewed their 2023 plans and priorities, it was important to ensure compliance, commit to HR best practices and positive workplace culture for all employees. 

In this session, FCB Workplace Law came together with WorkForce Software to discuss the latest changes and developments in employment and workplace legislation that you need to know, and the significance these changes had for many Australians!

Discussion topics included:

  • Introduction of Paid Family & Domestic Violence Leave
  • Minimum Wage Increase
  • SCHADS Award Changes
  • Fast Food Industry Award 2020
  • Highlights On Major Case Law Developments
Featured Speaker:
Katherine Argyriou

Katherine Argyriou

Solicitor | FCB Workplace Law

Katherine is a qualified Solicitor at FCB Workplace Law and based in their Melbourne office. Katherine provides employment law and workplace relations advice to a variety of clients, with a keen focus on assessing and calculating underpayments as well as back-payment and rectification of numerous entitlements under awards and legislation.

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