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On-Demand Webinar

Engaging Frontline Workers through Operational Communications to Drive Organisational EX Maturity

This webinar explores employee experience (EX) for frontline deskless workers, addressing their unique needs and expectations, and highlighting factors that truly matter to them. Dr Angelina Sun, Workforce Management Solutions Director at WorkForce Software and Bryan Thumme, Solution Consultant at WorkForce Software examine the four stages of EX-maturity that organisations may find themselves in. Throughout the discussion, they share common challenges, practical insights, best practices, and the concept of operational communications for organisations who are striving to deliver an exceptional employee experience for their deskless workforce. These strategies can help organisations navigate to the next stage in their EX-maturity journey.  

This session is beneficial for HR professionals, operations managers, finance and payroll personnel, and IT professionals. It is designed for leaders and executives who are key stakeholders to drive employee experience in their organisation for their entire workforce, particularly for business leaders managing the frontline workforce. 

Key take-aways from the webinar: 

  • Understand expectations and challenges in engaging frontline deskless workers
  • Learn the employee experience maturity journey developed by WorkForce Software
  • Grasp the concept of operational communications and how it works in the daily life of frontline deskless workers
Featured Speakers:
Dr. Angelina Sun

Dr. Angelina Sun

Workforce Management Solutions Director | WorkForce Software

Angelina, a seasoned technology leader, currently serves as the Director of Workforce Management Solutions at WorkForce Software. Her richly diverse experience spans education, consulting, computing, eCommerce, and enterprise software. Inspired by the transformative power of technology, Angelina passionately advocates for intelligent and innovative solutions for the modern workforce. With her doctoral research devoted to women empowerment, work values, and employee wellbeing, Angelina aspires to foster a fair, equitable, and engaging work environment, a commitment she continues to uphold in her present role at WorkForce Software. 

Bryan Thumme

Bryan Thumme

Solution Consultant| WorkForce Software

Bryan has been in the workforce management space for five years at WorkForce Software, having spent time both on implementations and in presales. He enjoys engaging with both current and prospective customers to better understand and help solve their complex workforce management needs, specifically in the areas of time, rostering, and leave management. Bryan holds a B.S. in chemical engineering and an M.S. in engineering management, both from Western Michigan University where he is a proud Bronco alum. 

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