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Fine-Tune and Maximise the Value of Your Workforce Management Investment

Many organisations fail to maximise the full functionality of their workforce management software investment. Learn how to bolster the returns on your investments in a critical technology area.

Recent research indicates that 75% of large enterprises with hourly paid workers will look to invest in workforce management to support employee experience and digital workplace initiatives. However, many organisations fail to maximise the full functionality of their workforce management investment. In this presentation recorded at our VISION Roadshow Virtual Customer Event, Kathy Gawronski, Director of the WFS Customer Value Program, will share how you can bolster the returns on your investments in this critical technology area.

Kathy highlights the findings of our a recent WFS customer survey and provide insights to where our customers are seeing the most value out of our class leading workforce management software and how to get the most out of your investment.


  • WFS customer value survey findings
  • Key value areas of workforce management software
  • Expert tips for driving value improvements in your workforce management technology investment
  • Areas where organisations are losing value

Duration: 15 minutes  

Featured Speaker:

WFS: A WorkForce Software Company

Kathy Gawronski

Kathy Gawronski

Director, Customer Value Program | WorkForce Software

Kathy joined WorkForce Software in 2014 to develop the WFS Customer Value Program and is currently director of the program. Kathy’s experience spans both the “buy” and “sell” sides of technology, from leading software development teams to assisting companies in quantifying the value of a technology project. Her experience includes growing a for-profit analytics team at IHS Markit and implementing marketing analytics at a $1B learning company.

Before joining WorkForce Software, Kathy held previous Director and VP positions at Cengage Learning, HIS Markit and MSX International. Kathy earned a Computer Science degree from the University of Michigan and a post-graduate diploma in International Business from the University of Wales. Her experience brings a unique perspective to the WorkForce Software team.

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