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Make Every Moment Matter:
Employee Experience for the Modern Workforce

WorkForce Software makes podcast debut on HR Leaders to discuss the importance of communicating and engaging with employees to retain the best people, delight customers, and improve operational performance.

The needs of the modern workforce are changing. How can employers create a positive employee experience that resonates with workers and advances the health of their organisation?

On this episode of HR Leaders, host Chris Rainey is joined by Marc Gringas, WorkForce Software SVP Employee Experience Strategy, to discuss employee experience for the modern workforce. Drawing from his background and mission, Marc shares his definition of workforce experience while providing insight into how employers can improve by bridging the communication disconnect with their employees and utilising engaging, user-friendly technology.

Listen along as Marc and Chris discuss:

  • The disconnect between employers and employees
  • Where employers are falling short
  • Building culture with frequent and personalised communication
  • Tools and technology that grant flexibility and drive engagement
  • The signs and symptoms of a bad employee experience

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Improving employee experience is everyone’s job. Learn how your organisation can engage employees and create moments that matter.

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